About Us

emuse is an award-winning, world leader in the provision of technology which allows distributors of video to monetize their content.

This monetisation typically occurs when the distributor (or 'operator') associates highly-targeted advertising delivered using emuse proprietary technology with the underlying video or other content.

Our fast-growing and agile company is head-quartered in Dublin, Ireland with sales offices and representatives serving major customers across a global footprint of fifteen countries on four continents. In addition to the provision of pure technology, our team also have strong advertising industry domain expertise (on both the buy-side and the sell-side) which allows us to help our customers go to market faster with a compelling and well developed advertising proposition and to fully understand the dynamics of their ad market.

At the heart of what we do is Raven, a proprietary and patent-protected advertising and content management system. Raven allows our customers to easily manage an end-to-end series of complex business and technical processes to create, deploy, manage and report on highly-targeted advertising inventory. Raven is cloud-based, scalable and as a mature product is already widely deployed internationally. Operationally, Raven reduces cycles times and test overhead while using technology to dramatically reduce opex.

From the outset, Raven has been architected to be device agnostic in a world where content is increasingly multi-screen and viewed across a wide variety of different devices. Working from a single creative execution provided by an advertiser, Raven can currently deliver targeted and accountable ad inventory in a centralised, homogenous way to mainscreen and Smart TVs, to iOS and Android connected devices and to a large number of gaming consoles and other devices. Raven allows operators to manage a wide variety of classes of ad inventory across these devices including display, interactive and VOD formats.

Our customers are typically major distributors of video content who normally own and operate their platforms (whether IP-enabled or over digital cable or satellite) often with an associated cellular or wireless network. These customers include AT&T Inc., Verizon Inc., Deutsche Telekom AG, Swisscom AG, BT PLC, Vodafone PLC, Portugal Telecom, Sky New Zealand and Foxtel. In addition, our team works daily with advertisers and agencies to create and deliver compelling campaigns across these platforms and beyond.

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